ESAS co. under a great sport atmosphere have launched Jeddah Entertainment Basketball Tournament (JEBT). ESAS organized the event in cooperation with Jeddah Chamber sponsored by the Sports for All Federation. Many large companies in Jeddah have participated in the event and they are: Sharbatly Fruits Co, Bupa, Xenal Co, Haji HuseinAlireza& Co. Ltd, Fitaihi Holding Group, SAGCO, SEDCO, SGS, SDAFCO, AlKabeer Group, FMG-FOOD and Cisco Systems. Their participation had a great influence in the success of the Tournament, they have created an exquisite spirit of rivalry and many entertaining challenges which, pleased the fans who attended the event.


JBET has an outstanding media coverage through Channel 22, Mix Fm Radio, an electronic magazine and there were other sponsors who participated such as Aghrass Medical Center, AlqaidSaudi Transportation as our official carrier sponsor and TAMIM Co as sports clothing company.


After JEBT was held for 10 months due to the outbreak of COVID-19 where we only have completed round-16. The tournament ended after SGS was the winner, they were crowed by the chairman of Jeddah Chamber Mohammed YousufAlnaghi and ESAS chairman Hassan Assad Jamjoom. SGS won “Best Audience” award & “Best Technical Advice” award. Meanwhile, Omar Fallatah from SGS was given the “MVP” award. Further, SHARBATLY Fruits have won “Best Technical Advice” & “Best of CSR” award. SAGCO have won “Best of CSR” award as well as Al Kabeer Group. SADAFCO have won the “Best Community Treatment” award while, Bupa won “Best Technical Advice”&“Best Audience” award. SEDCO won the “Best Audience” award and Fitaihi Holding Group as the “Special Teams” award. Meanwhile, Xenal, Haji HuseinAlireza& Co. Ltd, Cisco Systems and FMG-FOOD have won the“Special Teams” award. On the other hand, ESAS Chairman Hassan Assad Jamjoom welcomed all participants in the tournament and wished them good luck